Draw texturised yarn (DTY) is fully drawn multifilament yarn with soft crimp, high bulk and texture. This yarn has high durability and retention properties with low moisture content and is manufactured by texturising (POY) Partially Oriented Yarn.

DTY yarn is used in weaving and knitting of fabrics for making clothes, home furnishing, seat covers, bags and industrial fabrics. DTY can be obtained in Semi-dull, Full-dull, Catonic and Bright variations depending upon the type of POY and the filaments.

It can be moulded in different ways to make it suitable for various uses. It can be non-intermingle (NIM), low or soft intermingle (LIM)/(SIM) and high intermingle (HIM) or can be twisted for different specific uses.

SEMI DULL DTY 30 D TO 1200 D 14 TO 516
FULL DULL DTY 80 D TO 450 D 72 TO 288
CATONIC DTY 50 D TO 600 D 14 TO 516
BRIGHT DTY 80 D TO 900 D 48 TO 216
DOPE DYED DTY 30 D TO 900 D 14 TO 288