Overview The process to produce Air texturised yarn is completely mechanical that makes use of a cold air stream to manufacture bulked yarn. Draw texturised yarn (DTY) and Air texturised yarn (ATY) are both made from POY. However the presence of millions of small loops gives it its distinctive look and feel. It is used

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Overview Conventional polyester filament yarn is covered with Spandex to improve the elasticity of the yarn. This yarn finds applications in a wide variety of uses such as Socks, Denims, and narrow fabrics. This yarn can be offered from 80 D to 300 D, and spandex is available in 20 D, 30 D, 40 D,

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Soft Packages For Yarn Dyeing

Overview We are manufacturing Semi-dull, Bright and Full-dull yarns on soft packages on perforated plastic tubes suitable for yarn dyeing application. This eliminates the winding and final coning process. We can supply these yarns on PP tubes in 170 mm and 230 mm length for twisted yarns and 280 mm length for texturised yarns. These

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Automotive Yarns

Overview Automotive yarn is the yarn used in automobile upholstery. Yarn should have better pilling, better abrasion and better light fastness. This yarn can be offered in various forms like Semi-dull, Bright and Doped Dyed. TEXTURED AND TWISTED YARN Denier Filament Twist TPM Semi-Dull, Bright, Dope Dyed on paper Tube and Soft packages on Perforated

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Melange Yarns

Overview Melange yarn is produced by the combination of at least two or more yarns of same or different deniers and properties to give different effect in fabrics. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS 75D/2/HIM MELANGE GREY AND DOPE DYED BLACK 150D/2/HIM MELANGE DD BLACK AND DIFFERENT COLOURS 130D/HM 80 D FD + 50D CATIONIC 160D/DISCAT 80D SD +

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Embroidery Yarns

Overview Embroidery yarn is used to add another dimension to woven and knitted fabrics. It should be smooth and snarl free to give optimum efficiency on modern embroidery machines. It is available in Semi-dull, Full-dull , Bright and Dope Dyed. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS 100 D TO 900 D 200D/2 FD Yarns 300D/2 FD Yarns 150D/2 Bright

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Yarns For Sewing Thread

Overview Sewing Threads are special kind of yarns that are engineered and designed to pass through sewing machine needles rapidly. They form efficient stitches without breaking or becoming distorted during the useful life of the product. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS 150D/120 TPM SEMI DULL ROTO WHITE OR DOPE DYED 200D/120 TPM SEMI DULL ROTO WHITE OR DOPE

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Twisted Yarns

Overview We also offer twisted polyester yarns. Continuous filament yarn also require a small amount of twist to bind filaments, improve evenness, increase strength and increase abrasion resistance. It can be made of single, double, three or more plies depending upon the end use. Product is made snarl free by providing the required amount of

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Overview Draw texturised yarn (DTY) is fully drawn multifilament yarn with soft crimp, high bulk and texture. This yarn has high durability and retention properties with low moisture content and is manufactured by texturising (POY) Partially Oriented Yarn. DTY yarn is used in weaving and knitting of fabrics for making clothes, home furnishing, seat covers,

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The range of Suitings includes fancy fabrics with latest International fashion and designs in special blends and is made of finer counts from 2/30s to 2/90s in

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Shirting fabric comes ¬†with a range of men’s clothing designed to not only look good but feel good too. We have been clothing Indians for a generation.

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In sync with the latest clothing styles, our brand of formals and casuals range includes Shirts, Trousers, T-Shirts and Denims.

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